Personal Care

Body Care

ADD Express Skin Care (30 min)
(450 TL)  360 TL
In this care that is carried out with the effect of normal care, and with the same attention, a peel off mask that is suitable for your skin structure is applied after the skin purifying.
ADD Private Luxurious Skin Care With Arbutine Skin Spot Remover & Moisture (60 min)
(1.350 TL)  1080 TL
In this private care, Arbutin plant extracts are absorbed by the skin, and lightening is observed in the skin color. By penetrating deep into all layers of the skin, it helps removal of spot and wrinkle. The skin gets a regenerative, bright and balanced appearance. It is luxurious and result-oriented, with 8 application steps in total, special products that are compatible with each other and unique.
ADD Private Luxurious Skin Care With An Anti Aging Effect (60 min)
(1.550 TL)  1240 TL
24-carat gold skincare provides collagen, resistance, durability that forms the structure of the skin, and helps you to have young, voluminous and energetic skin. These products (2 separate gold masks), prepared for professional use, and are compatible with each other, designed with 9 application steps in total and unique.

Hand & Foot Care

ADD Green Tea Antioxidant - Hand or Foot (30 min)
(500 TL)  400 TL
With the care applied to the hands or feet up to preference, thanks to the green tea that has antioxidant properties, the skin is nourished and purified, blood circulation and oxygen-carrying to the cells are increased.
ADD Argan Anti Aging - Hand or Foot (30 min)
(500 TL)  400 TL
Applied to hands or feet up to preference. Skin cells are nourished and renewed by argan oil’s strong antioxidant property.
ADD Green Tea Anti Oxidant - Hand & Foot (45 min)
(600 TL)  480 TL
Thanks to green tea, blood circulation and oxygen-carrying to cells increase, the body regains its health and serenity. At the same time, green tea, which has antioxidant characteristics, nourishes the skin, and retardance the aging of skin. After relaxing in the green tea bath foam, hands and feet are purified with granular peeling and a suitable surface for the mask is prepared. After the nourishing mask, massage is applied to the hands and feet.
ADD Argan Anti Aging - Hand & Foot (45 min)
(640 TL)  512 TL
Argan oil that is obtained from the fruit of argan tree, is a very powerful antioxidant and has been a secret of beauty for years. With this care that is applied to the hands and feet, renewed and nourished the skin cells where the signs of aging are seen the fastest. Having an anti-aging effect. After relaxing in the green tea bath foam, hands and feet are purified with granular peeling and a suitable surface for the mask is prepared. After the nourishing mask, massage is applied to the hands and feet.

Body Care

ADD Anti Cellulite & Laminaria Algae Treatment (60 min)
(800 TL)  640 TL
Laminaria Algae mask is applied to the whole body after the aloe vera extract salt peeling, that is made to evolve the pores in the body and purify the skin. After the mask, this care is terminated by massaging the areas with cellulite with anti-cellulite cream. Laminaria algae brings minerals, elements and vitamins to body, helps to remove toxins, regenerates skin and helps reducing cellulite. Through the energy that becomes active in the whole body, you have a sense of ataraxia.
ADD Conditioner Fucus Algae Treatment (60 min)
(800 TL)  640 TL
While helping to lose weight with its fat melting characteristic; it helps skin to re-formation. With Aloe Vera powder salt peeling, the slough is purified from the body and “Fucus Algae” is applied to the whole body. After the complementary massage with green tea lotion, there will be a velvety feel and silky smooth on your skin…
ADD Anti Aging "Argan" Ritual (90 min)
(900 TL)  720 TL
Discover the regenerative and relaxing effect of the Turkish bath! “Argan Hammam Ritual”, having a strong antioxidant characteristic, juices your skin back up. After a purifier and regenerative peeling, massage with argan oil nourishes skin. As a final touch after the mask, having had the subsidiary massage with a lotion that will make you pamper yourself, you will feel an incredible glow on your skin and youth in your soul.
ADD Moisturizing & Regenerating BAOBAB Therapy (90 min)
(900 TL)  720 TL
It is very effective on water retention and wrinkles that occur in the body, acts as a strong antioxidant, helps the skin to protect itself against abiatrophy and reduces skin spots. After peeling prepared from the seeds of baobab tree, followed by a massage with baobab oil, the mask is applied. After the final massage with baobab lotion, giving energy to the skin provides it appear lively and to be strengthened.
ADD Macadamia Anti Aging Effective Ritual (In Private Room with Jacuzzi) (120 min)
(1.500 TL)  1200 TL
Indulge yourself and your loved ones in this unique ritual! After the macadamia body peeling, massage with macadamia oil will help you relax. A mask is applied to give intense moisture to the skin, and to provide it a strong antioxidant effect. After jacuzzi pleasure, your subsidiary massage with macadamia lotion supports your skin elasticity, repairs the skin, and strengthens skin's protective barrier. This is a natural source of moisture for the skin.