Exclusive Rituals

ADD Gold Massage (50 min)
2750 TL
Through the 24-carat gold oil massage that contains genuine gold leaves within, your energy flow is regulated. Instantly your skin has a luminous look. Its nutritious formula helps lighten wrinkles, makes skin appear younger.
ADD Caviar Massage (50 min)
2750 TL
Having literally provided your skin the life energy through caviar oil, the massage will help your skin cells to be protected and renewed. Let your soul relax by feeling great within this luxury ritual.

Signature Massages

ADD Herbal & Stress Relief Massage (60 min)
2950 TL
Feel the magic of nature in your body. It is an herbal therapy that is applied to your whole body and face with heated aromatic massage oil and hot herbal scrubs. Aromatherapy brings not only physical but also mental recovery.
ADD Almira Warm Candle Massage (60 min)
2750 TL
Type of Massage that both massage oil and moisturizer aromatic candles are melted together and applied to your body. It relieves tension and takes away the pressure and fatigue. Gives your body energy and brightens it.

Classic Massages

ADD Almira "Welcome" Massage (30 min)
1550 TL
A special and fast welcome ritual for our guests is a regional massage consisting of a combination of nourishing oils and various massage techniques.
ADD Classic Massage (50 min)
2000 TL
The most common form of massage; a combination of gentle and medium pressure technique of Swedish massage that reduces the tension and stress in the muscles.
ADD Myotherapy Massage (60 min)
2500 TL
Consists of the combinations of sports and deep tissue massage that relieve tension by using high pressure and kneading touches, leaving a regenerative effect.
ADD Aromaterapy (60 min)
2400 TL
A combination of fragrant oils, healing herbs, extracts of flowers and fruits, enhances the light pressure massage experience with natural effects.

Mystic Journey

ADD Bali Massage (50 min)
2250 TL
Creates a regenerative and calming effect by combining acupressure, petition (kneading) and light stroke techniques.
ADD Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (50 min)
2250 TL
This massage gives you a deep sense of relaxation with long, smooth, gentle touches and successive hand and elbow gestures.
ADD Shiatsu Massage (50 min)
2250 TL
An efficient massage that is based on pressure to the particular spots on body. Regulates energy flow, boosts the immune system.
ADD Thai Fusion Massage (50 min)
2500 TL
Thai Fusion Massage is regenerative care that combines powerful forearm strokes on acupuncture points which relieves the deep and long-standing stress accumulated in the muscles. Benefited from almond oil, this dynamic treatment focuses on shoulder, hip and neck.
ADD Hot Stone Massage (75 min)
3400 TL
A massage therapy that reduces tension, relieves muscle rigidity, and stimulates blood circulation in the tissues by using hot volcanic stones.